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Lil Wayne Thinks He Can Still “Annihilate” Drake Today

Despite Drake’s superstar status, Lil Wayne made it clear  during a recent interview on Cari Champion’s “Giving Major Props” podcast that he thinks he would win in a battle with the Canadian rapper. When asked about who is better rapper between him and Drake, the Louisiana emcee replied, “Man, I annihilate that guy.” During the conversation Wayne also spoke about discovering Drake and telling the Toronto spitter to “not change anything” about his music when the first met. The “Hollyweezy” rapper recalled a conversation that he had with Drake, where he told the Canadian emcee, “Don’t think ‘cuz you coming over here by me you gotta start rapping about the things I rap about, don’t do none of that. Please rap about your little TV show, whatever you wanna rap about. Rap about girls…that’s what you’re good at.'”Weezy also spoke about his recent Lil Weezyana Fest, N.W.A.’s influence on him, and Jay Z reaching out to him early in his career.

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