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Virginia Sheriff Releases Footage of Natasha McKenna’s Death

“I want all of you to know, this tragic incident has been engraved in my mind from the day that it occurred. It is my responsibility as your Sheriff to ensure that something like this never happens again,” states Fairfax County Sheriff Stacey Kincaid in the video above. “There is no better way for me to share what actually occurred than to make this video available for the community to view in its entirety.”

On February 3rd, 2015, Natasha McKenna of Virginia was shocked with a stun gun five times by a number of officers at Fairfax County Adult Detention Center – she was detained by handcuffs and shackles during the entire incident. Natasha then became unconscious in the moments that followed and died five days later at a hospital nearby.

In the shortened footage above, McKenna can be heard saying “You promised you wouldn’t kill me. I didn’t do anything,” as deputies opened her cell in a failed attempt to transport her to another jail in Alexandria. Her face was “pixelated out of respect for Ms. McKenna’s privacy,” though you can see what happened to her in full detail throughout the original 48-minute video. Several officers in bio-hazard suits can be heard saying “stop resisting” and “hold still” throughout the clip, as Mckenna reportedly continued to resist them and allegedly had a history of spreading urine and feces outside and around her cell.

According to Sheriff Kincaid, her office will be conducting “a thorough eternal affairs investigation” now that all of the officers involved were not charged in her death following the release of the video

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