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Hear 911 Call Of ‘Too High’ Guy Found Surrounded By Doritos (Video)

By now the nation is aware of the poor 22-year-old from Austintown, Ohio, who called 911 earlier this month to say he was “too high” and was later found by police surrounded by Doritos and cookies.

Now, his dankest hour has been made public.

In a 911 call obtained by WJW on Wednesday, the sad sap explains that he “can’t feel anything.”

A dispatcher asks, “OK, what’d you take?”


The caller sounds upset, and the dispatcher’s tone changes from serious to comforting.

“OK,” the dispatcher says, “we’ll send an EMS right over to check you out, OK?”

“OK. Thank you,” the caller replies.

It turns out he was indeed OK. He refused medical attention, and gave responding officers the keys to his car so they could find his stash. Inside, they found a jar of marijuana, two joints and paraphernalia. Because he’s in Ohio, the caller now faces possession charges.

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