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2 Officers Facing Murder Charges After Fatally Shooting 6-Yr-Old


Earlier this week we reported on the death of Jeremy Mardis, the six-year-old boy who was tragically killed after being shot by marshals in Marksville, Louisiana. As more details emerge, we’ve learned that two officers have been arrested for the crime and are currently facing murder charges.

Louisiana State Police Col. Micheal Edmonson reviewed the incident during a press conference and confirmed Derrick Stafford, 32, and Norris Greenhouse, 23, were arrested Friday (Nov. 6) on counts of second degree murder and attempted second degree murder. Edmonson told the press he reviewed the body camera footage and called it “the most disturbing thing” he’s ever viewed. Six-year-old Mardis succumbed to gunshot wounds to the face and chest after the two officers – one employed at the Marksville Police Department and the other from the Alexandria City Marshal – fired up to 18 shots at the car him and his father, Chris Few, were in. “That little boy was buckled into the front seat of that vehicle and that is how he died,” explained Edmonson. Few is said to be in critical condtion.

Both officers claim they were serving Few a warrant, though Edmonson told The Advocate “no warrant has materialized.” As far as the other two officers involved – Lt. Jason Brouillette and Sgt. Kenneth Parnell – facing charges, Edmonson added “we’ll see where it takes us.”

Source: BuzzFeed

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