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Paris attack suspects may still be at large; death toll rises


Reflecting just how nervous Paris is right now, a panic broke out Sunday evening among a crowd gathered at a memorial erected at one of the sites of Friday’s terror attacks.

Picture shows mourners suddenly spooked, though it’s still unclear why. People ran away screaming. Some jumped over lit candles of the memorial, others grabbed their children and sprinted away. The panic ended quickly and police have cleared the memorial, saying no one is allowed to gather, at least for the time being.

Meanwhile, the death toll has risen to 132, according to news agency Agence France-Presse, citing hospitals. At least 352 people were wounded, many of them seriously.

Investigators are working around the clock. The Islamic terror group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the slaughter.

Late Sunday evening, French National Police issued an arrest warrant for Belgian-born Abdeslam Salah, according to the official Twitter account of the police. “This individual is dangerous, do not interact with him,” the police said in an alert about him.


Abdeslam Salah is suspected of being involved in the attacks.

It’s possible that suspects directly involved in Friday’s Paris terror attacks remain at large, a French counterterrorism source close to the investigation told CNN on Sunday.

A number of arrests linked to the attacks have been made in Belgium, but it is unclear whether they include the occupant or occupants of an abandoned car with weapons inside found in eastern Paris, the source said.

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