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Black Friday Shopper Snatches Item From Child: You’re Scaring Me

November 27, a viral video of a woman snatching a vegetable steamer out of a child’s arms has to be one of the saddest moments in Black Friday history.

As—what appears to be—the child’s mother grabs two boxes after the pile toppled over from the rushing crowd, her very young child can be seen holding a box that was eventually snatched from a woman wearing a red coat.

As you thought that wasn’t enough, in the video, the woman in red then decided to snatch another box out of the mother’s arm. As the two women began playing tug of war with the item, the woman in red started to play victim and began screaming, “Give me that box! Get off of me! Why are you so aggressive? You’re scaring me!”

What do you think about this Black Friday incident?


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