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Epic Team 6 Presents 5 Year Anniversary Celebration


This party has just gotten bigger! The 5th Anniversary for @epicteam6 will have another special host. The homie @ReedoBrown wants to be a part of it so we’re making it happen. If you don’t know he’s the funniest dude on the Internet, check his page if you’ve been under a rock. We have comedian @MBanks914 & @Descomedy in the building that night as well as a complimentary dessert bar provided by @infusionbakery Music provided by @djfrassvybznyc & @djmyte tickets are $20 on or hit us up for dropoffs. There is a strict dress code no hats, athletic wear, hoodies or work boots. Collar shirt or sweater is a must!!!! Ladies sexy & chic heels are a must. We have free giveaways all night and bottle specials for our guest. This event is sponsored by @dellwaytravel and @paradiseislandcruise you can sign up for the cruise and this event and receive a discount.

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