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Tara Wallace & Amina Buddafly Argue Over Marriage and Pregnancy


Last night (Jan. 18), Tara Wallace, of Love and Hip Hop: New York revealed that she was pregnant with Peter Gunz’s baby and took to twitter to allege that his marriage with Amina Wallace was to help her gain U.S. citizenship. Wallace tweeted, “There is no greater liar than 1 pretending 2b married out of love! Convincing urself ur marriage is real and not 1 for CITIZENSHIP!”

Gunz’s wife denied that she needed to marry the rapper in fear of being deported and stood by her claims that she believed Gunz was single when she’d met him, “I married a man that acted like a single man. Which made me believe he was single. Call it stupid.” She added, “Plus if I’m married for citizenship then why am I still married????? Been had my papers.”

Wallace fired back, “I don’t argue on social media but the nerve of some people! I can’t! Marry a single man next time!” She wrote, “From the looks he still acts single!”


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