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No Malice Says The Feds Caused The Clipse’s Breakup


In 2009, Clipse’s manager Anthony ‘Geez’ Gonzalez was busted on federal drug charges, and ended up getting a 32-year sentence.

Not long after that, other friends of the coke rappers started getting popped by the Feds.

According to No Malice, the pressure of all the arrests got to be too much. Clipse went on tour soon after Geez was indicted, and when Malice’s brother and partner in rhyme Pusha T was late for a flight Malice thought the Feds must have gotten him too. So he freaked out, and decided to quit the duo.

They were picking up all of our friends at different times. I had a friend, he just had a baby. He’s wheelchairing his wife who’s holding the baby while coming out of the hospital and “bam” they got him. I have another friend, he’s driving on the interstate with his girl and his daughter in the car and the police come crash they car into his to make him pull over. They were just picking up everybody … They was kicking in doors and making mommas and wives get on the floor. It was just crazy,” No Malice told HipHopDX.

When I was on the plane and I didn’t see my brother get on the plane. I knew what was up, because we never miss flights. We weren’t never late. We’re usually calling each other … double checking and all that. I hadn’t heard none of that. I’m sitting on the plane and at the very last minute he comes stumbling in the door. I stood up in the middle of the aisle in front of all those people on the plane and I told him, “Yo, I don’t know if you thought I was joking. I don’t know if you thought I was playing. I’m letting you know, I ain’t doing this no more.’”

No Malice starts talking the end of the Clipse at about the 9:30 mark.


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