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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Look To Be At Odds Following “Ellen” Rant”


West’s Bizarre Rant On Ellen DeGeneres’s Talk Show Was The Latest In A String Of Embarrassing Incidents For The Rapper’s Wife, Who Is “At The End Of Her Rope With Him,” A Source Close To The Reality Star Told Radar.

“Kim Cringes Every Time Someone Asks Her About Kanye’s Rants,” The Source Said. “She Knows He Just Can’t Stop Himself And He’s Going To Do Them No Matter What She Says And No Matter How Many Time She’s Told Him To Be More In Control.”


West Compares Himself To Steve Jobs And Picasso Because He Is “An Artist,” He Told Degeneres On Her Show. But The Source Told Radar That Kardashian Grew Tired Of Defending Her Husband. “Kim Believes Kanye Is An Artist Too, But She Doesn’t Know How Many More Times She Can Explain That To People. It’s Frustrating For Her And Makes The Reality Of A Divorce Seem More Possible.”

The Materialistic Couple May Finally Have Hit The Breaking Point The Source Told Radar. “Kim Refuses To Talk With Anyone About Kanye And Their Relationship. She Has Gone Completely Silent About Everything.” Kardashian Tweeted That She Was “Proud” Of Her Husband But The Source Said That Statement Is All Just For Show.

As West Continues To Go Off The Rails, The Source Said A Divorce Was Looming Closer And Closer: “Kim Can Only Take So Much And It Seems Like Every Single Time Kanye Does Anything She Has To Do Damage Control. She Is Nearing Her Breaking Point.”

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