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Man Seen Pushing His Dead Wife Around The Streets is Captured by NYPD


A Staten Island man who grabbed headlines after he was sighted wheeling his dead wife around on a metal dolly, was located and taken into custody on Saturday (May 21). Anthony Lopez, 31, was apprehended on Harlem’s First Avenue and E. 113 Street, where a tip led police only a day after a brief run in with him reportedly transporting a corpse, resulted in him fleeing and authorities discovering the body of 26-year-old Obiamaka Aduba. Lopez had apparently shaved his head in an attempt to alter his appearance, before crossing boroughs to elude capture.

Story of the bizarre incident broke on Friday, when at 7 a.m. parents escorting their children to school in the Mariners Harbor section of Staten Island called police to Port Lane, near Richmond Terrace, where they witnessed what some suspected to be a body [wrapped in sheets] being hauled by the suspicious man. Upon noticing police arriving at the scene, the man, whom officers had already been familiar with from prior arrests, made a run for it, thereby abandoning the makeshift cart by a lawn. Officers were able to identify the suspect as Lopez, and upon investigating the discovery of a deceased Aduba, managed to confirm her as his wife. According to police sources Lopez’s brother had revealed a phone call he received in which Lopez told him “I killed her.”

Reports give account to Aduba’s body having exhibited signs of trauma. Charges against Lopez are pending, as the city’s Medical Examiner has yet established the cause of death.

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