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Former NBA coach Derek Fisher pays $109,000 in support per month to ex-wife Candace

The couple, who recently divorced after 10 years of marriage, have four children together and court documents revealed that Fisher pays $15,000 per month for each of them. Candace also receives a hefty amount for spousal support which adds up to a combined $1,300,000 per year that Fisher needs to cough up. Their children are a set of twins, Tatum and Drew, and Marshall and Chloe. They also created frozen embryos together in hopes of having more, but now they are set to be destroyed, according to the documents. The two have not addressed the split publicly. Derek is currently dating “Basketball Wives” star Gloria Govan.

Derek and Candace married back in 2005 and went through a vicious break-up just one month after their 10-year anniversary. Candace claimed she was “blindsided” with the divorce papers by her husband at the time. She also said Derek completely shut her out at one point refusing to answer any of her calls or texts. He even went as far as blowing off their children. After returning to their New York home, Candace discovered that Derek took all of his stuff out of it including his clothes, computer and other personal items. At the time, Derek insisted on keeping their 8-year-old twin boys in New York with him while she returned to Los Angeles. It is unclear if Derek got his wish or not, but he is certainly paying up after abandoning his vows.

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