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Lebron’s Former Teammate Delonte West Allegedly Homeless


Lebron James’ former teammate Delonte West is allegedly homeless, and a new picture has surfaced showing him wandering the streets.

The picture shows the former Cavs player with a hat, black shirt and jean shorts on walking on St. Barnabas Road with a drink and what looks like fast food in his hand. “Let’s Pray for Delonte West Y’all He Bipolar And On St. Barnabas Road Bumming Smh He Ain’t Taking His Medicine,” wrote J.J., the man that posted the pic, on Twitter. West has had a history of mental illness and was filmed and photographed walking around the streets of Houston, Texas earlier this year. At the time, he was in a treatment facility getting help for a problem with hallucinating, according to TMZ. West broke out from the treatment center and was wandering the streets aimlessly.

One of his close friends told TMZ shortly after that he was given the wrong meds in that facility which led to him leaving. “Delonte was at a facility where he received the wrong medication. He began hallucinating. Because of the hallucinations he walked out of the facility, barefoot, in the hospital gown. He went to go get food. That’s when he was video taped and photographed,” the friend said. He was put into a different facility after the incident. West hasn’t played in the NBA since 2014.

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