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Instagram Model Brittanya187 Made $70k in a Month on ConnectPal



Model Brittanya Razavi’s sits at the center of a thriving fashion and event hosting business, which has gained popularity thanks to her presence on social media. The attraction her followers have towards her allows her to make nearly six figures per month.

Razavi, who goes by Brittanya187, recently let fans in on exactly how lucrative it can be to be an Instagram honey by posting a screenshot of her stats in a bid to solicit viewers to help her meet her goal of 5,500 subscribers on ConnectPal. Next to her total number of subscriptions [4,121 at the time], read $70,057.

ConnectPal is a content sharing platform that allows users to monetize off of podcasts. Anyone from sports enthusiasts to comedians and musicians can set a price for followers to subscribe to a member’s page, leading many in the business to sign up for a passive income. The platform can be especially beneficial to those who already have a large social media base, as does Brittanya187, who boasts 6.8 million followers on Instagram. In spite of a pricey $19.55 monthly subscription fee, the venture has clearly worked out for the brunette beauty.

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