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LeBron James Talks Space Jam 2, NBA Finals and Kevin Durant

#ClevelandCavaliers star, LeBron James, recently sat down with #BusinessInsider’s Allyson Shontell to talk all things basketball and of course, James’ interest in the sequel to #SpaceJam.

Rumors of a second Space Jam picked up steam in July of last year when James’ company, SpringHill Entertainment, signed a deal with Warner Brothers. In May of this year , the #HollywoodReporter cited that #JustinLin was tapped to oversee the project, and that’s where the details regarding the project have ended until now.

When asked about the project, Bron confirmed that it is on his radar. #KingJames obviously “wants to make sure that it’s right.”
“We don’t want to rush it”, he stated. “We don’t want to do something that’s not authentic to the Space Jam brand. So, hopefully, we can get it right. But right now, where it stands, the Space Jam franchise is in a great place.”

During the chat with Shontell, #LBJ also gave his thoughts on the #Warriors acquisition of #KevinDurant. In the off-season, #GoldenState signed the former #OKC star to a two-year, $54.3M deal. Critics have voiced their disdain over the creation of super teams, but James doesn’t seem bothered by it. (He has also been criticized for creating a super team.)

“I think everyone had the ‘wow’ thing. My [reaction] was no different from the average person who doesn’t know basketball to the person who watches it or covers it every day. So, I think it’s all great for our league. Our league is very competitive.”

The real meat and potatoes of the interview came with James detailing how he was able to motivate his tame pass the 3-1 deficit in the Finals. When the world thought it was over for the #Cavaliers, James ushered in a calm that led #Cleveland to victory. How did he do it? James told his team to focus on a one-game-at-a time approach.

James stated that he sent a group chat text to the team, “OK, listen: It doesn’t matter what just happened. And I know we’re all down about it, but in order for us to accomplish what no one believes we can do, we have to refocus and we have to re-lock in. You guys do your part, and I promise you, as the leader of the team, I won’t let you down. Just follow my lead.”

The team followed his lead earning the coveted Larry O’Brien trophy. Now James is currently preparing for his 2016-17 campaign. Will it lead down the golden road to the NBA Finals? Possibly. The Cavs just have to keep the team recipe going.

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