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Beanie Sigel Tells Charlamagne: Play with Something Safe, Don’t Play with Me


Beanie Sigel isn’t happy with the way Charlemagne has spoken about him in the weeks following his beef with fellow Philly rapper Meek Mill.

Mac interviewed with The Breakfast Club this morning and gave the radio host a piece of his mind. “It’s the height of my career. It’s dangerous. You don’t know nothing about that man,” said Sigel to Charlemagne. “You sit up here and your job is to play games. Play with something safe man. Don’t play with me.” Sigel then turned around to face DJ Envy. The show ended and the rapper can be seen giving Charlemagne dap on camera. The confrontation came after Charlemagne questioned his actions when it comes to dealing with all of the recent beefs including Meek’s with Game. “I know I’m not qualified to speak on this but you can understand how some people don’t think what you’re doing is all the way solid,” said Charlemagne.

Along with not ending well, the interview didn’t begin in the most diplomatic of ways. Charlemagne started it out by telling Sigel that he sounds like a “hater lately.” “I feel like you put out two diss records but you were in the studio with Meek like 8 days prior to the first diss record and I’m like if anybody else did that I think you’d be saying that was a sucker move,” he said. Sigel said Charlemagne doesn’t understand the situation and was not “qualified” to analyze it. The veteran rapper told him that he doesn’t know all the facts and shouldn’t speak on things without knowing the whole story.

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