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Soulja Boy Tells Mona Scott Young to Suck His D***


Soulja Boy told “Love and Hip-Hop” Executive producer Mona Scott Young to “suck his d**k” in tweets that have since been deleted.

“Stupid b**ch,” wrote Soulja Boy. “F**k Mona Scott she can suck my d**k.” Problems between the two started when Soulja Boy claimed he quit the show. Young took to social media to tell a very different story. “If I Ever Get Fired I’m Gone Tell People I Quit To Protect My Brand,” she wrote on Instagram last week.

Soulja Boy claimed to quit the show because it was too “ratchet.” He took to Twitter in the beginning of this month to announce his decision. “I’ve decided to quit Love and hip hop. I feel my brand is too big for the show now. It’s too ratchet. I have my own new tv show coming soon!,” he tweeted. “Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.” It’s unclear what Soulja Boy’s new show will be about at this time.

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