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Mary J. Blige’s Husband Wants $129,000 Per Month in Spousal Support

Mary J. Blige’s estranged husband has requested over $100,000 in spousal support while their divorce is being settled.

Martin Isaacs, the singer’s husband of 12-years, is seeking $129,319 per month in spousal support and filed for the payment in documents obtained by TMZ. He claims he was accustomed to a certain lifestyle while married to the singer and needs the money to maintain it now that they two are no longer together. Isaacs worked as her manager and was fired when they split. He’s currently not earning a salary from anywhere else and believes he’s entitled to some of the money his soon-to-be ex-wife is bringing in.

There was also a prenup between the two, but Isaacs claims it’s invalid since he signed it without a lawyer. Blige has even cut him checks amounting to $85,000 which negates the actual agreement. She originally claimed the prenup was going to hold up in court. The couple officially filed for divorce back in July. The prenup was created just 2 days before they were married in Dec. 2003.

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