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Did Lil Wayne Respond to T.I. on Twitter with “Fk ya” ?


T.I. reacted to Lil Wayne’s comments on Black Lives Matter over the weekend with a lengthy post on Instagram, where he told his longtime friend “this shit is absolutely unacceptable!!!!” He added, “You’re disrespecting yourself,bringing shame on your family name & tarnishing your legacy,” which caught the attention of Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae.

Lil Wayne’s eldest child told T.I. that he should’ve texted her father instead of sharing his feelings to the world in an Instagram post. Reginae, who used to be in an all-girl group called OMG Girlz with T.I.’s daughter, told Tip, “You should’ve copied and pasted this and sent it to him thru via text but u wanna seek for attention.”

Some fans also thought that Lil Wayne’s Twitter post, simply reading “fk ya” was aimed at T.I. following his post. The New Orleans rapper didn’t elaborate on the tweet, leaving interpretation up to fans.

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