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San Antonio Cop Shot in the Head While Writing Traffic Ticket


50-year old Detective Benjamin Marconi was sitting behind the wheel of his vehicle, writing a traffic ticket when a man pulled up behind him in a black car in downtown San Antonio on Sunday. The suspect got out of his car, walked up to the passenger window of the patrol car and shot Marconi in the head, according to Chief William McManus. The man then reached into the window and shot Marconi a second time in the head. The suspect got back in his car and fled the scene. Police believe he was driving a black Toyota or Nissan sedan. The suspect is described as a black male wearing a hoodie and baggy pants. He also has a beard and is approximately 5’7. The shooting took place outside of police headquarters.

“This is everyone’s worst nightmare, the officers in the department, the family and everyone who supports the officers,” McManus said. “Our hearts go out to all of Detective Marconi’s family, to all our SAPD brothers and sisters for whom this has hit home hard. Most families will be celebrating the holidays, SAPD will be burying one of its own because of an ultimate act of cowardice by a suspect who will be caught and brought to justice.”

Marconi had been on the force for 20 years. He died in San Antonio Military Medical Center at about 12:30 p.m. Police are still investigating a motive.

“It’s always difficult especially in this day and age where police are being targeted across the country,” McManus said. “Unfortunately like Dallas, like Baton Rouge it’s happened here.”

A gunman killed five officers in Dallas who were working a protest about the fatal police shootings of black men in Minnesota and Louisiana. Ten days after the Dallas attack, a man wearing a ski mask and armed with two rifles and a pistol killed three officers near a gas station and convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

San Antonio Mayor Ivy R. Taylor said: “I want to extend my deepest condolences to the family of the officer killed outside police headquarters today as well as to our entire police force. This type of crime cannot and will not be tolerated.”

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