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Concept of the first self-contained floating city


The world’s first floating city will be in the Pacific Ocean near the island of Tahiti. The government of French Polynesia has signed a contract with the Institute, according to which the construction work will have to begin within two years.

Through such an ambitious project, the authors hope to practice confirm,that the independent city can be the perfect place for the development of new state forms of government and agricultural technologies.

The concept of the project implies, that the construction of autonomous floating cities is the first step towards the implementation of the “eight great moral imperatives.”

Free community outside the jurisdiction of any country, floating on the high seas by the authors, could help humanity solve a whole range of topical issues: access to health care, the fight against hunger and poverty, development of renewable energy, as well as a number of environmental issues.

French Polynesia consisting of 118 islands, which is located in the South Pacific, is interested in this project because the region is in danger of rising sea levels. But to get from local government final agreement on the implementation of the project, its developers must prove two main points: whether a city favorable for the local economy, and whether he will affect the local environment.


Artisanopolis – one of the alleged names of the first floating city will be composed of 11 platforms in the form of rectangles and pentagons, which can be swapped and build in any configuration,as a puzzle. Between themselves they will be connected the reliable double locks. The size of a single platform – 50 meters long and the same in height. This platform diving depth will be governed by a ballast. In the storm the platform can be lifted above the water, in order to protect the inhabitants from the waves and wind.

Platforms will be built of reinforced concrete and can withstand up to three floors of the building. Dutch firm DeltaSync, responsible for the engineering part of the project, says that the life of these platforms – about 100 years. It is assumed that in the beginning in Artizanopolise live 250-300 people in the population will increase further. The cost of a platform is estimated at $ 15 million. The total cost of the first independent city would be approximately $ 167 million.

Author of the concept – Patri Friedman former software engineer in Googl.
The original founders of the Institute conceived the floating city in the first place, as a space for the creation of free and sustainable communities outside the jurisdiction of any State. To date, realize into practice it is not yet possible. “The high cost of maintenance on the high seas – is a serious obstacle to the creation of cities in international waters. We have to begin construction in the territorial waters of the countries which agree to it “, – admitted the founders.

As they say the ideologues of the project, it is not only in the creation of one political system or type of system, but in develop ready for immediate use of the method of creation of new states, so that many groups were able to try a lot of their own choices, and all the others could learn this together.




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