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Ohio Cop Filmed Choking Ambulance Worker Against Police Car


An Ohio police officer was caught on camera slamming an ambulance worker by the neck against his squad car over the weekend.

A bar fight in Portsmouth, Ohio Saturday night led to the confrontation between the officer and a member of a Life Medical Response ambulance crew; however, only part of the incident was captured on camera.

The Portsmouth police chief says the incident is under routine administrative review and points out that the video only shows a portion of the interaction between the cop and ambulance worker. However, witness Josh Journey told a local news outlet what he saw go down:

Journey claims the medic was intervening on the behalf of a man who had just been tased by police.

“The EMT said, ‘You can’t be tasing this guy, he’s bleeding, got head problems,'” Journey said. “Then after that he grabbed the EMT, took him across the street, and I saw him have his hand on his throat all the way across the road and had him up against his cruiser.”

Journey says cops tried to confiscate his phone but were unsuccessful. “I think they realized that they’d messed up,” he said.

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