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You Won’t Believe What Reggie Bush’s Alleged Sidepiece Named Baby Son


The woman alleged to have delivered Reggie Bush’s son on Super Bowl Sunday has named the baby – and surprisingly, it’s not “Reggie.”

Miami cocktail waitress Monique Exposito decided to name the baby “Preston,” though it’s not clear what the baby’s last name is, because she allegedly confessed to family and friends that besides the married Bush, she was seeing NBA veteran Alonzo Mourning, pro boxer Steed Woodall and Florida Marlins player Giancarlo Stanton – all while she herself was married to her now estranged husband, Alex Bastin, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.


Exposito, 34, is also said to be upset that the baby looks more like her than anyone else, and isn’t as dark skinned as she would have liked, the source said.

Nevertheless, the source said Exposito is sure that Bush is the father, and said after he pays to support her and Preston for the next 18 years, she’ll be sure that Preston becomes a famous ball player too and sets her up for life, because she’ll be a good mom, and was the one who decided to keep him – not Bush.monique-exposito-super-bowl-8


Meanwhile, the Bushes have seemingly gone into lockdown mode in a possible attempt to save their marriage. Bush’s wife Lilit has made her Instagram account private, and hasn’t posted in months, and on Sunday, Bush disabled comments on his still-public Instagram page, blocking fans from contacting him through the social media site.

Bush and Exposito allegedly had two liaisons, one in Dec. 2015 and the other in the spring of 2016, resulting in baby Preston.

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