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NBA Legend Bill Walton Takes Off his Shirt on Live TV


NBA Hall of Famer Bill Walton has no shame. While calling Saturday’s [February 25] Texas vs. Kansas game the eccentric 64-year-old pulled his shirt right off, showing his bare chest to the world, in order to change into a tie-dye shirt.

The shirt was gifted to Walton by Texas football coach Tom Herman, who couldn’t have expected him to put it on while the cameras were rolling. Or maybe he could? Walton, known for having been somewhat of a hippie back in his days running around Portland with a red fro, has long had an infatuation with tie-dye. In fact, he was already wearing tie-dye when he changed to the amusement of ESPN co-commentator Dave Pasch.

For Walton fans, it was just another moment they’ve gotten used to bracing their eyes for. Back in November he drew heckles when he disrobed for a pregame promo for the Georgetown vs. Oregon game at the Maui Invitational. So it’s not like the NCAA is completely unfamiliar with his old freckled bod.

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