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Dick Vitale says LaVar Ball Needs to Teach Lonzo Defense or He’ll Get “Lit Up”


It seems everybody’s got something to say about the new Big Baller Brand premium ZO2 Lonzo Ball prototype sneaker. Much has been said about the way basketball dad LaVar Ball has done business, from his grandstanding in the press to his decision to turn down endorsements from the likes of Nike, Adidas and Under Armour, on behalf of his NBA prospect son. But most of the criticism that has come Ball’s way has been in reference to it’s pricing. Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, Golden State Warriors coach Mike Brown and ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith have all responded negatively to the $495 price point. Now the play-by-play guy has added his two cents, the legendary Dick Vitale taking to social media with his 77-year-old self to remind LaVar that he’s got priorities that supersede any business model.

“Lonzo Ball’s shoes r $495/if he plays in the @NBA like he did vs BBN De’Aaron Fox they’ll go for $4.95,” Vitale tweeted on Thursday, May 4.

Vitale has always had a mouth on him. He’s made his name being one of the most energetic, loud and voluminous commentators in the history of pro sports. But witnessing him transition to the social media age, and packing it all into a tweet is a matter of precedence. Thus, it isn’t surprising that he’d be so itching to exceed the 140 Twitter character limit, that he’d return hours later with a second tweet. “@Lavarbigballer U better be working with ur guy on D / if he plays D like he did in @NCAA @Isaih_Thomas @JohnWall @StephenCurry30 will light him up for 50!” Vitale followed his take on the cost of the ZO2’s with.


source: vladtv

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