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Power is Cable’s Second Most Watched Show Behind Game of Thrones


With Power fans eagerly anticipating the season four premiere of the riveting series, the numbers have come in to show that each one of them is far from being alone. According to ratings presented by Deadline, in a recent article covering a deal creator/executive producer Courtney Kemp has struck up with Starz and Lionsgate, the popular crime drama trails only Game of Thrones as the most watched premium cable program.

According to the report, Season 3’s premiere cemented Power as a fast surging threat to the ranking of rivals across networks. With an estimated 2.26 million viewers, it had proven to exceed Season 2’s viewership by 58% and far outpaced Season 1 by 389%. Its record 8 million viewer audience per episode has helped Power eclipse such long standing favorites as Orange Is The New Black and The Walking Dead, and those numbers are expected to remain consistent heading into the show’s 2017 roll-out on June 25.

As a result of her project’s proven success, Kemp will be given greater range to create under a multi-year contract that will empower her End of Episode production company to flesh out additional projects while Power continues to capitalize off of its demand.

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